Monday, November 2, 2009

memory lane

I thought I would do a little reminiscing today.  I have been begging my mom for weeks to email me some of my baby pics and yesterday she finally did - yay!  Thanks, Mom!  This is just a little sneak peek of what she sent me.

This was my birth annoucement from 1986.  Are you dying right now?!  Yall know how much I love stationery, Tiny Prints, invitations, etc., so I love that she found this!

This is my mom, little brother and myself around Christmas 1990.

How sweet! Tyler & I..not sure the year! 1990 maybe?

At my grandmother's house - I remember that couch!  Love that strawberry dress!

More to come this afternoon :)


Lil' Woman said...

Aww such cute pics! :)

Lynn said...

cute kids, beautiful mom!