Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I recently made over my photography website and I love how it turned out! Take a peek if you get a chance (not compatible on iPhones or Macs):

precious baby

Our sweet Luca passed away on January 12th. We were NOT planning on getting another dog anytime soon. Everyone kept telling us it would help the healing process and we should get a new dog immediately. We just weren't ready. We put away all of her things and just wanted time to process what happened.

God really does know exactly what He's doing.

On Thursday, March 22nd, our friend Morgan told Danny about a little boxer puppy she was buying from a breeder in Meridian. She sent us some pictures and said he had several more puppies available. They were all sooo cute in the pictures! Danny and I didn't really even talk about - we both knew we wanted one. He called the breeder and he said he had a male brindle puppy left available! Morgan and her boyfriend drove to Merdian Friday after work to pick up the puppies....
and we met our sweet baby Primo for the first time at 10:30pm on Friday.
We are so in LOVE! He was 8 weeks old and weighed 8lbs when we got him. He is so sweet and playful.
He has already gained one pound in one week! His parents were huge so we think he is going to be 75-80lbs!
He reminds us so much of Luca :)
My grandmother's brother was named Primo (they were Italian) and it is also a word in Spanish - so we both loved it!
We love you Primo!