Friday, November 13, 2009

be present

Thanks for thinking about me as I was having a couple of bad days this week (I do read your comments and love them!).  It all boils down to me just being a brat and wanting everything my way.  Sometimes all it takes is a massage and a deep breath to put everything back into perspective.  And talking to God always helps bring me back down to earth.  He gives me peace.  And I love Him for that. 

I think this time of year makes me a little tense.  All the planning, running errands, cleaning, packing, stresses me out for no good reason.  I often find myself counting down until this holiday or that one, and before I know it an entire year has just passed me by.  It's easy to get stuck in a routine and when that happens all the days just run together...and you're just watching the clock, waiting for 5 o'clock to roll around.  I hate that!  We really try to mix it up and incorporate new and different things into our weekly routine but sometimes it justs gets too hard.  Does anyone else have this problem?  It just feels so monotonous sometimes.  I want to enjoy every single day of my life - not just the weekends.  I've realized that you can't be on auto-pilot; you have to be in the moment, be present.  Just some things I've been thinking about lately.

...This is also the time of year when we start planning our vacations for next year.  Hubby wants to visit my brother in Montana and I want to go on a cruise to the Bahamas.  Looks like several vacations are in the works.  And we actually have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us so you might not here from me until Monday.  We still have unpacking (yes, almost a month later, I know), rearranging, our 30 day walk through the house with the builder, our church Fall Festival, shopping (trying to convince Hubby to buy our Christmas tree this weekend - it's never too early) and gardening/tree buying (our house has no in zero).  I plan to post updated pictures of our house, too! Talk to you soon!

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