Monday, March 30, 2009

st. paddy's day

So, two weekends ago was St. Paddy's Parade downtown -- I don't even know where to begin. SO MUCH FUN! Went out w ith old friends (lacey!) on that Friday night, then woke up at 8:30 AM on Saturday to go to the parade with big group downtown. We set up under this huge oak tree at the end of the parade (best place to be because by end of parade everyone will throw you tons of beads). I got so sunburned! The parade was so fun...Danny has the funniest video that I will try to post later. The parade was over around 5:30, and then we walked over to Hal & Mal's for the street party. It was too crowded - you couldn't even walk inside the bar. It was still fun and we ended up having a dance party on top of a bunch of tables right in front of the stage by the end of the night. Successful weekend.

Danny is still looking for a job; he has some interviews setup this week so we are keeping our fingers crossed. I told Danny I wanted to buy a house soon (he laughed), so we went looking at open houses Sunday afternoon - I think I kind of caught him onto the idea! We looked at a bunch of neighborhoods in Madison. And then this morning I told him I wanted to move to the beach...I am so impulsive. I don't know how he puts up with me but that is definitely why I love him!

We are in the process of planning 2 trips right now: a cruise to Mexico in August and then Costa Rica in December! I am SO excited! We have never been on a cruise so I cannot wait to see what that will be like. We're looking at a Carnival cruise that leaves from Mobile (easy drive from Jackson). The Costa Rica trip will be our big vacation. We want to spend at least 2 weeks there, and that will hopefully include Christmas day (my birthday!) with Danny's family and New Year's eve on the beach with alot of his friends. We've already gone to a travel agent and begun the planning a little but I will be so excited when everything gets finalized!

Thinking about going to Orange Beach this weekend - still deciding. I think we both need a break. There's a Hilton Garden Inn on the beach down there that I heard is super nice. Lindsey, we need to plan a trip soon! Miss you!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

wedding pics

Here are some pictures from the wedding that I just found! The first one is a picture of the gardens at the Fairview Inn (where we were married). The rest are a mix of photographer pics and fun pics - enjoy!





Tuesday, March 10, 2009

our first blog!

So I have decided to start a blog. I feel like it's been really hard to keep in touch with everyone since we moved back to Mississippi, so this will be a great way to keep everyone updated on our lives!

We have now been newlyweds for almost 5 months! Things are going great and we fall in love more every day. I think the first year of marriage probably takes the most adjusting, and we are getting there slowly but surely. Danny is a HUGE help around the house and we both know that I appreciate that tremendously (because I hate garbage, bugs, doing the dishes, etc). A big thing that has happened recently is that we have started cooking actual meals! I mean like casseroles, pastas, etc; anyone that knows me knows that this is a big step away from cooking frozen pizzas everyday!

Big news - we bought our first car last week! I am so excited and we both feel like it is such an accomplish for us. It is the first car that we paid for all by ourselves! See the pictures of it above.

Danny's been helping his church (First Baptist Ridgeland) plan their mission trip to Costa Rica in May. They are going to San Jose and Danny's family will essentially be their "guides" once they arrive. He is so excited and I'm so proud of him for helping orchestrate the trip! He has also been playing in the church basketball league and they've had 2 games so far -- they lost both games but it's okay because I can tell they're getting better ;)

So that was a quick update on what's been going on in our lives the last few months -- more to come within the next week!