Tuesday, July 3, 2012

house projects

I saw on the Nester's blog awhile back that she refinished several pieces of old furniture in fur. I thought it looked so quirky and chic and unique and I LOVED it. I've been feeling super crafty lately, and decided that I wanted to build a bench for the end of our bed and cover it in faux fur.

I headed to Home Depot and bought four 14 inch legs and a board about 4 feet long. I went to JoAnns to get quilt batting and foam for the cushion, and I also bought 2 yards of fur (which was WAY too much - I could have easily done it with just one yard).
The first thing I did was spray paint the wooden legs in a shiny gold. I knew the wood would still show up pretty matte, so that's why I got the metallic.
Once the legs dried (after 3 coats), I got Danny to help me attach them to the board. There are tons of ways to do this, but the easiest for us was to use a screw driver and screw a nail through the top of the board into the legs.
Next was the cushion. I first cut the foam to the correct size of the bench. Once the foam was in place on top of the bench, I wrapped the batting around to hold it in place and stapled it under the bench.
You want to make sure the batting is pulled tight...and I used tons of staples.
Now its the fun part - the fur!! I picked out a chocolate brown color (looks a little different in person) that I thought would go well with our white comforter and dark furniture. Drape the fur over the bench and cut it (leaving about 3 inches hanging on all sides). Then staple the fur under the bench just like the batting.
And the final product!!!
I really love how it turned out - all for under $60! Doesn't Danny look excited about our new bench?!
I can't believe we've gone this long without a place to sit in our bedroom. It really makes such a difference (and yes- it's sturdy!).
Those curtains? My mom sewed them for me. She did an awesome job! The wreath above the bed was a quick project because I needed a temporary space filler until I find something I love.
It's a book page wreath and it was so easy. Just buy a small wreath form and tear pages out of an old book. Roll the pages into cones and hot glue them around the wreath. Cute and simple!