Friday, April 22, 2011

the help

Last summer, Danny and I auditioned to be extras in "The Help" movie. It was filmed in Jackson and Greenwood, and we both got called back! We went to costume fittings in Greenwood, and they gave us each three different outfits for the day of filming. I was scheduled to film at Brent's Drugs in Fondren with about 20 other people. Danny was scheduled to film outside in downtown Jackson. The day of the shoot, I had a really bad scheduling conflict with work (as we had just returned from Jamaica and I had just taken a full week off) so I couldn't make it. I was very sad, but Danny still got to film! He took some pictures on his phone (which I don't think I can legally share yet?), but he basically had to walk back and forth behind Emma Stone like a hundred times! Haha! It was such a neat experience for him and we can't wait until it comes out in theatres this fall! Watch the trailer below, and everyone should read the book, too! Sidenote - Kathryn Stockett (the author) graduated from my highschool! So cool!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

changing it up

The last week has brought us several new changes! I'll start with our new car...
This is our 2011 Toyota Scion XB. Our six year old Nissan Maxima was beginning to have some serious problems. We took a roadtrip to Memphis with Yvonne & Pablo last weekend (which was so fun! I'll post about that trip soon) and we took our car. The drive is three hours, and our A/C was blowing out warm air in the 80 degree heat. It was just too much. I think the transmission was acting up too, so we knew it was probably time to get rid of it before we had to put some serious money into fixing it. At first I wanted a Honda CRV, but we went to the Toyota dealership on Tuesday and left that same day with a new car! We both love it.
Danny washed it off as soon as we brought it home - haha! I think he's gonna take great care of the new ride ;)

We bought a new rug for our living room today and ended up changing the room a little bit. Here is the before and after picture:
The new rug is larger than the old one and I think it really pulls the room together. We also removed the table skirts and updated a few decorations. Click on the picture below to enlarge it (I couldn't get it any bigger on the page).
Another picture:
This is a beautiful painting my good friend Sarah did for me. I absolutely love it! She is SO talented!
I'm enjoying spending the entire weekend with my sweet hubby.
 I love it when we have no plans and can just relax and enjoy being together!

I was at work yesterday during the scary tornados. Believe it or not, I felt so much safer at work than at home because our building is concrete and metal (whereas our house is made of wood). I know it hit Clinton and Tuscaloosa really hard. Please keep all those affected by the storm in your prayers. God will provide!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

hello spring!

The last few weeks we have spent ALOT of time outside and the weather has been beautiful! I can't believe it's already spring. We went to the annual St. Paddy's Parade downtown with a group of friends on Saturday, March 19th and had a blast!
I went to the salon that morning to get my hair cut, and I met up with Danny and everyone around noon. Kevin and the guys cooked out and we had so much fun. 
It was the first year to have the parade without the Sweet Potato Queens, but I really didn't miss them to be honest. The parade was shorter which was probably a good thing! The next weekend (March 26th) Danny and I spent the day running errands. He helped my parents with their yard (for four hours!) and I layed by the pool and took our car to get the oil changed.
He also cut our front and back yards and I sat in the backyard and watched him. It was so relaxing.
I also put out a few spring decorations - love this cute little birdhouse!
Spring is here, which means pollen is here, which means Danny and I have been going crazy with our allergies! Poor Danny has felt worse than me. Pollen is the worst but I do love how our grass and plants (and weeds) are finally growing!
This weekend Danny's been in Destin deep sea fishing with some of his friends, so I've had a relaxing girls weekend! I went to dinner at Kathryn's Steakhouse with my parents, brother and aunt on Friday night. My little brother, Tyler, moved to Montana this weekend and Friday was his goodbye dinner. I am so excited for him and know he will have the time of his life out west! After dinner, Tyler and I met up with Derrick & Sarah and we went to an Irish bar downtown. We got home early and Tyler stayed at my house and we watched The Patriot - it was so random but I forgot how good that movie is! Yesterday I slept in and then layed by my parents' pool all day. I got a pedicure that afternoon and then met up with Sarah, Ashley, Jill, Rachael and Jessica for a girl's dinner at Babalu. We sat outside and enjoyed cocktails, tacos and tapas! It was so fun and we really need to do girls nights more often. Today's been pretty relaxing - I went to church this morning and then went over to my parents house and now I'm about to head to small group. I still haven't seen Danny (they are still driving back) so I can't wait to hear all about his trip.

Happy Spring, Yall!