Monday, August 16, 2010

our weekend

Hallelujah! Praise the LORD! We finally have internet here at the house. It's about time. We have been in our house 10 months and today, for the very first time, I can access the world wide web from home! I can't wait to start blogging more regularly now! It will be so much easier now that I can blog from home (and not the coffee shop!).

Now, let's not waste any time. :)

On Saturday evening, my friend Ruth came over to drink some wine and catch up. We've been friends for 10 years! She lives in New Orleans now, so we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like. We got our visit started with a glass of chardonnay...
I made her pose for the picture and she ended pouring my glass almost to the top! Hilarious.
Relaxing in our backyard.
After Ruth left, Danny and I went to our next door neighbors' house for a BBQ. It was so fun! We ended dancing to Alejandro by the end of the night. We love spending time with our fun neighbors! On Sunday we had some chicken left over from our grocery trip the week before, so we decided to grill out for lunch. Danny cooked chicken and asparagus and I made dirty rice and cucumber and tomato salad.

Danny's favorite salsa from Costa Rica. He uses it on everything (literally), and it made the chicken taste delicious!
After lunch, I started a load of laundry. Our laundry room is right next to our garage, and Danny was working outside when he saw a huge puddle forming against the wall in the garage. He came inside and we both burst in the laundry room to find the entire room flooded. Our pile of clothes/sheets/towels on the floor was so massive that it soaked up most of the water before it ran into the hallway. I had to grab the camera - this is Danny trying to see what's wrong.
Eventually, we carried the washer into the garage and went to Lowe's and bought a new one. On the way to Lowe's, we talked about how God's timing is always so perfect. If we had not been home (and it had not been on the weekend) our master bedroom (which is right next to the laundry room) could have flooded. The water did get through the wall a little bit, but I think we were able to dry most of it up. God is good.

We inherited this washer from my grandmother, Nannie, and it was probably 30 years old. The guy at Lowe's told me the life span on new washers is only about 10 years - he said they used to build them way better back in the 60s and 70s. I'm a little bit sad to get rid of this washer. It reminds me of Nannie because she had it for so long.
So long, Kenmore 70 Series. You've been great.
While we were at Lowe's, we also had to buy a new filter for our refrigerator.

He had to drain/rinse about 10 times before we could use it.
Thought I'd throw this in. It was a wedding gift and I think it is so sweet. It sits right next to my cookbooks in the kitchen.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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