Saturday, August 7, 2010

our little camera

I've been lusting after the Canon Rebel digital SLR camera for a while now. I've been saving and researching, and last weekend I finally got my camera! I absolutely LOVE it. I have about 5 weeks to practice with it before our Jamaica trip. Here are some of the first pictures we took - we are still beginners and are trying to learn the ins and outs of all the functions on the camera. So far we are very pleased with all the pictures!

A bird's nest in my parents backyard
My mom's sweet little puppy, Bella
Danny mowing my parent's yard after my dad had ankle surgery and couldn't mow it himself.
The sunset at our house one afternoon.
Danny watering our grass.

A little self-timer action

Preparing the vegetables for a yummy crock-pot meal

Early one morning - I did not want my picture taken ;)


Amy said...

We have the same camera and WE LOVE IT!!!! It is will definitely get so much use out of it. Did you get an additional lens or are you just using the one that came with it? love all the pics - they made me laugh, because we did the EXACT same thing when we got our camera (about a month before libbi was born). we took pictures of everything around our house and each other. thankfully now we have libbi to stalk - ha!

Rachel said...

So far we are loving it too! :) I read in the manual that you have to take the lens off and the battery out whenever you are done using the you do that? It's kind of a pain.

We did buy an additional lens (and camera bag, extra rechargeable battery, 8gb memory disk, insurance...) once we were there we got sucked into buying everything! Haha.

Amy said...

we did take everything apart for about the first two weeks and then when the "newness" wore off....not so much. it was a major pain and we have not been taking it apart for over a year now and haven't seen any adverse effects (*knockonwood*)

we got suckered/peer pressured into all the "extras" too....but if it makes you feel any better - we haven't regretted it!

Alison said...

Ahh! I LOVE the new camera! I've been eyeing that one, too. I just love the way it takes pictures. Glad y'all are having fun with it!!