Saturday, August 28, 2010

exploring our town

Our Saturday in pictures...

We slept in late today (actually I slept in late - Danny woke up around 9:15am). We hung around the house until noon, and then we grabbed lunch at a little pizza place. There is a neighborhood nearby that has a pretty pond and ducks that are always around.

 I think this is so cute - they look like best friends!

Danny was the photographer today. (Please excuse my bedhead!)
 After feeding the ducks, we went downtown to a cool area called Fondren. It wasn't too hot out, so we walked around for awhile. I stopped in a thrift store but didn't find anything. This is a picture of Walker's - a really popular local restaurant.

 Sidewalk art - I feel like this changes all the time. There is always something different out! Really cool.
Fondren is so fun - all the buildings are painted bright colors!
 Pointing out the paintings on the side of the buildings...

I love how retro everything looks.

 Tired after a fun day!

Happy weekend!


Sarah Denley said...

How fun! You're making me so jealous with your new camera!

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Love the pics, and your totally cute maxi dress!