Thursday, October 22, 2009

this week

Sooo...this has been an extremely busy week for me!  We spent our FIRST night in our new house on Sunday!  We've stayed there all this week...still no drapes or blinds so the sun has been waking us up bright and early every morning :)  There is still alot of stuff left to be moved at the apartment and we are doing it little by little every evening after work.  We were going to go to the Ole Miss game this weekend, but we decided it would be better to stay home and finish unpacking everything!  There is still alot of furniture sitting in our garage that is just waiting to be moved inside.  I'm looking for someone to make some custom drapes for my master bedroom...if you know anyone who is talented in this area please let me know!  Another thing that has kept me busy this week is that I have been swamped at work.  We had Ladies Night Out on Tuesday night, and I didn't get home until around 10 PM.  Then we had our bi-annual sales blitz all yesterday and today.  Which means I have seen very little of my sweet hubby this week :(  But things are starting to slow down and tomorrow is Friday...yay!  My laptop is broken but I am picking it up today from the repair place so hopefully my posts won’t be so few and far between.  Talk to you soon! :)

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