Monday, June 28, 2010


I've been slacking in the blogging department lately. We don't have internet at our house (still! and we moved into our house in October!), so there are only a few times a week that I'm able to spend more than thirty minutes on the internet (besides on my iPhone which I wish was more compatible with blogger). So here are some updates on what we've been up to recently!

My sweet friend Jessica is due in July with her first baby boy! He is going to be spoiled rotten because she has so many people that already love him! Here is a picture of us at her church baby shower a few weeks ago.

Danny is completely entrenched in the World Cup right now. He is literally tivo-ing every single game for every team! He said that we are definitely going to the next World Cup in Brazil (in four years). Here is a picture of us watching the USA-Ghana game yesterday at the Alumni House. Costa Rica in not playing in the World Cup this year, so Danny was going for the USA until they lost yesterday. Now I think he wants Argentina to win...

The Alumni House has the most comfortable recliners that you can watch the game in! You can even order food and drinks and they will bring it to your chair. Danny was loving it.

Totally random picture. This is us at our friends Michael and Jill's wedding back in May at the Jackson Yacht Club.

And finally, what has been consuming all of free time recently:

No, we did not get a puppy. This is actually my mom's sweet little maltese, Bella. My parents went to Chicago for a week to visit my aunt Mary Pat and just got back last weekend. Danny and I kept Bella at our house while they were gone, and it was literally like caring for a child. She would wake us up at 1am, then 4am and then again 5:45am. We both work during the day, so I would go home on my lunch breaks to let her out. We normally do not spend that much time at home and we are always out and about doing different things - not the case with Bella! We spent almost all our time at home because we felt bad leaving her by herself. She was such a sweet puppy and we enjoyed keeping her, but I am glad their next vacation won't be anytime soon. This just re-affirmed that we are totally not ready for that kind of responsibility. But I do love love love sweet little Bella!

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