Sunday, May 23, 2010

summer begins

We just returned from our first vacation this summer to the beach. We went to Destin, Florida and had a blast! The weather was perfect - sunny skies the entire time. It was hot but we had our umbrella so we had some relief from the sun. I was really worried that the oil spill would ruin our trip but the beaches were beautiful and filled with people. We ate plenty of seafood and the restaurants seem to be doing really well.
The beach at sunset, so pretty.
Danny and I on the way to dinner the first night at the Whale's Tail.
We setup a little oasis with an umbrella, chairs and a cooler.
Waiting for dinner one night on the beach.

Dinner at the Whale's Tail
My friend Brannon from college met us in Destin - we hadn't seen each other in over a year! We had so much fun.
Beautiful beach
On the beach the first day

There were schools of sting rays that kept swimming up near the shore and crowds of people were gathering to get a closer look...
Danny and people on the beach checking out the sting rays - you can barely see them in this picture but it is the dark shadow in the water in front of them.
The water felt great.
He literally insisted that I bury him - haha.
Hanging out at AJ's one night.

This trip was a great way to start the summer. I'm looking forward to a couple of really hot months here in Mississippi.

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Amy said...

I heart Destin! We are going in just a few weeks and now I am even more excited after seeing your pics of the beach! I was worried that the oil would be effecting the beaches, but it still looks beautiful!