Friday, May 7, 2010

show us your life - baby names

This week at Kelly's the tour is favorite baby names. I LOVE THIS! Even though Danny and I agree that we are waiting to have kids for at least five more years, we talk about names we like often. I love the idea of using family names, maiden names - anything that has a personal meaning. Sentimental names are so sweet.

Growing up I aways knew what I would name my children; I doodled names on my notebooks, in my journal, literally everywhere. My favorite girl name was Ashlyn Jade (my sister's name is Ashley and my mother's name is Lynn = Ashlyn). I've outgrown this a bit and don't really like Jade anymore. I still like Ashlyn. My favorite boy names were Brooklyn Thomas and Roman Stribling; they would go by Brooks and Stribling. Danny hates all of these so we've started over with our "favorites" list.

Danny and I both want a Spanish name and an English name for each child. He loves Marley Victoria or Marley Isabella for a girl. My middle name is Victoria and we both think Isabella is so pretty, but she would just go by Marley. Now I'm starting to think that Marley is a little too common - it's just so popular right now that I'm hearing it all the time. Here are some other family names that we like:

Adela (Danny's grandmother's middle name)
Lilliana (Danny's grandmother's name)
Samuel (my dad's name)
Tyler (my brother's name)
Iris (Danny's grandmother's name)

I really like the name Kylan Samuel for a boy. I also love Gabriel and Micah. For a girl my new favorite is Adela Bay. All of these names are first and middle but they would just go by the first name.

We both agree that Isabella is just beautiful. Ok, enough rambling, here are my absolute, top favorites (in no particular order):

Isabella Bay
Kylan Samuel
Adela Bay
Gabriel Tyler
Samuel Gage
Carolina Iris (pronounced Caro-leena)
Adelina Bay
Micah Samuel

What are your favorite baby names?

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Courtney said...

My sister is naming her daughter Ashlynn this fall.
P.S. I LOVE your wedding hairstyle!