Monday, December 28, 2009

my q&a's, part 3

When did you "know" Danny was the one? and how did you know?
The first time I saw Danny, I was instantly attracted to him. I just thought he was so handsome. We both worked at the same attraction at MGM Studios in Walt Disney World. He literally came straight to the States from Costa Rica five days before I met him, and I thought it was so cool that he was from some place exotic and beautiful. All the girls at work would always hit on him, so I honestly thought I didn't have a chance. I even told one of the girls we worked with that I thought he was cute, and she told me that somebody else liked him too and I shouldn't waste my time! Nevertheless, I was really attracted to him. Eventually I realized the feeling between us was mutual, and he asked me out on a date after hanging out casually with friends for a few weeks. We began to spend all of our free time together. We were inseparable. When we would get off the phone or say goodbye to one another, I would usually say "Bye! I'll miss you!" and I always wanted to say something more. I had such strong feelings for him and I knew I loved him. I had never felt that way before. He told me he loved me for the first time in September 2007. And I knew I loved him, too. I knew in my heart that we were meant to be together. I longed for him when we were apart and was so happy when we were together. I guess the only way to explain it is to say that I really can't explain it - I just knew it was right.  You know what I mean? ;)

What are the top 3 places you'd like to travel to that you haven't ever been to? What are the top 3 that you have been to?
The first place I would love to go would be Bologna, Italy because that is where my great-grandparents were born and raised. I would love to see their homeland. The next place would be the Bahamas - cheesy, I know. I just love tropical places! The third place would be Athens, Greece. I think Greece is such a beautiful country and I adore Greek culture.
New York City and Jamaica are two of the top places I've been to. My sister lived in New York for ten years so I used to visit often, and I went to Jamaica when I was fifteen years old on Spring Break and it was so much fun. The top place I have ever been to is definitely Costa Rica. As most of you may know, this is my husband's home country and it holds a very dear place in his heart. Not only is it the most beautiful place I have ever seen but it is also the most genuine and authentic. The people, the scenery, the food - I absolutely love this country. I visited in March 2008 and you can see pictures here. 
Also, something I've never explained before is the meaning behind my blog name. It literally means "the beautiful life" in Spanish. I chose to name it in Spanish because I want to honor my husband's latino heritage. When we married we combined two cultures and it is important to both of us that we never forget that. I chose "the beautiful life" because I do consider our life to be beautiful. Everything about it - the good, the bad, the ugly - it's all beautiful because it's our life. Most importantly, our little imperfect life is guided by the Word of God, and nothing is more beautiful than that.


Alison said...

I love your travel picks...very similar to mine! I have been to Provence, France where my grandmother is from, but can't wait to take Andrew there one day. On the flip side, I can't wait to go to Egypt to meet all of his family and live their culture! Greece is also on my must-go list :-)

elainaann said...

I'm enjoying getting ot know you better through your q&a. Such fun questions people are coming up.

I love the story behind your blog name!