Thursday, December 17, 2009

the holiday

I decided to give y'all a run down of my Christmas itinerary because I know you are just dying to know. You're welcome.

  • December 19th - My sister and brothers fly in town around 4PM. Danny and I will be cleaning the house that morning and then we have a wedding that night. After the wedding we plan on meeting up with my sibs and aunt to watch the Saints game.
  • December 20th - Brunch with entire family (mom, dad, hubby, brothers, sister, aunts)
  • December 21st - I have to go to work, then we will go look at Christmas lights that evening.
  • December 22nd - My sweet hubby leaves for Costa Rica and will be gone for 2 weeks :(  I will try my hardest not to cry. My sis will spend the night with me this night because I refuse to stay at my house alone.
  • December 23rd - Dinner at Char or Ely's with my entire family.
  • December 24th - I'm off work! Spend the day at my parents house cooking, listening to Christmas music and drinking some wine. That night we will have a big family dinner and open a few presents. I will spend the night at my parents house.
  • December 25th - My birthday and Christmas day! Wake up to the smell of warm wassail and coffee cake in the oven. We will wait for the entire fam to arrive and begin opening presents. We always watch the Christmas Parade on tv. In the late afternoon, we will celebrate my birthday with cake and few presents. My sister and I usually go out Christmas night to celebrate my birthday.
  • December 26th - Sister & brothers' last day in town! Spend all day with the fam.
And after this point everything will be pretty calm. I have off work New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Danny doesn't get back until January 5th so I am not sure what I will do while he's gone. Maybe I'll start my New Year's resolution early and start going to the gym again? Hubby gets mad because I pay $50 a month to be a member of gym and haven't been since September. Oops ;)

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Being without Danny for two weeks will surely make me realize that the only thing that matters this time of year is family. Not the presents, not the lights, not the decorations, not the food. Just family. I will really miss him. We both made a vow that this would be the only Christmas/Birthday that we ever spend apart. And, if you are lucky enough to spend the holiday with your family, please enjoy it and be thankful. Because God and family are the only things that matter.


Lil' Woman said...

Your going to be a busy girl..have fun! : )

Sarah Denley said...

I'm sure you've said it before, but I didn't know your b-day was on Christmas! Do you love it or hate it? And I have never stayed by myself, either! I hope you have a great Christmas, even though I know you'll be missing your sweetie!