Monday, September 12, 2011

diy fall wreath

So I'm really into projects and crafts right now.  After joining Pinterest, I found all these really cute DIY projects I wanted to do.  I've made 3 trips to Michael's in the last week - ha!

I found this really neat wreath idea from the nester's link-up and thought it looked super easy!  All you need is a foam circle (all they had at the dollar store was the one with squared off edges...I'm sure the round edged ones are MUCH easier!) and gold thumb tacks. I think I used 5 boxes of the 300 count tacks - you can get these at the dollar store.
All you do is start with one line that wraps all the way around the wreath, and continue overlapping them until you finish the entire wreath.  It takes awhile to put all the tacks in but it is so simple.
You can use any type of ribbon you like to hold the wreath - but keep in mind the wreath will be heavy.  The thumb tacks really weigh it down!
I think it looks really warm and cute for Fall!

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swayze said...

i love this! can't wait to try. ps i am trying (keyword) to start a blog. check it out! - ps drinks or dinner soon please, i miss you!