Sunday, September 11, 2011


I really can't believe it has already been 10 years.  Ten years since our country changed forever.

I still remember so vividly exactly where I was that day ten years ago.  I was in 9th grade - sitting in 2nd period Spanish class.  Coach Carnes was the teacher.  Several of my best friends were in the same class with me, and that class was always so fun.  All of a sudden we heard the news, and Coach Carnes began drawing a diagram on the dry-erase board of the towers and the planes hitting them.  We were all so confused.  My sister, who was 27 at the time, was living in New York City and my 24 year old brother was visiting her on September 11th.  Her apartment was in Brooklyn.  I immediately called my mom to see if she could reach Ashley.  Ashley and Trey were okay but in a state of shock.  They could see the smoke from Brooklyn, and were under martial law and everyone had a 6pm curfew that day.  They cancelled all flights, and my siblings were afraid to stay in NYC.  Nobody knew what could happen next.  They rented a car and drove to Chicago where my aunt lives, and my mom drove up from Mississippi and met them there.  We were all so scared.

I remember I had a soccer game that afternoon, and it was cancelled.  My mom picked me up from school (I was only 14 years old and couldn't drive) and we went to the gas station and the line was all the way into the street.  People were freaking out.

My English teacher urged us to write down our thoughts so we would never forget how we felt that day.  I still have my paper:
 God is faithful, even in our darkest hour. 

I will never, ever forget.

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