Thursday, September 24, 2009

home sweet home

My sweet hubby is from Costa Rica.  And there are lots of things that sweet hubby misses from his home country.  Homemade gallo pinto (typical Costa Rican breakfast with rice & beans), Costa Rican coffee, the beautiful beaches and volcanoes, and most of all, "la cervesa de Costa Rica" - otherwise known as Imperial.  I cannot tell you how many local bars and brewerys we have visited searching for his beloved beer.  He can make the gallo pinto and we can find Costa Rican coffee at the grocery store, but Imperial is nowhere to be found!

...So, I've decided to surprise him with a case of Imperial on our one year wedding anniversary!  Problem is I have no idea how to execute my plan, as I have no idea where to find la cervesa de Costa Rica.  Wish me luck...I've got a little over two weeks to make my sweet hubby feel a little more at home :)

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