Tuesday, September 29, 2009

dos semanas

Two weeks until our house is finished! (We hope). They have done so much work on it since last time I posted.  Everything is turning out great so far.  Above are pictures of the living room and kitchen.  Hubby doesn't love the paint colors I picked out for the walls (Benjamin Moore Sweet Pear & Tucson Tan) but too bad, so sad ;)  We're inheriting several beautiful pieces of furniture from my grandmother that have been in the family for years and we're taking a U-haul down to Prentiss in a few weeks to pick everything up.  I have two chairs that I need to get reupholstered and am still trying to pick out fabric that I like.  I want to get in the house soon so I can start putting up fall decorations - I love this time of year!

Also, our first wedding anniversary is just around the corner - October 12th! :)

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