Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the girl, the boat and the lake

...that's the name of my favorite song by Benjy Davis (my favorite band).  I think it kinda sums up my summer so far.  Have I mentioned how much I love Southern summers?  The heat, the lake, BBQs, late nights, the crickets and lightning bugs...I can't get enough.

I wanted to recap our Memorial Day weekend and I then I think I'll almost be caught up! ;)  We got a group of friends together and rented a pontoon boat and took it out on the lake! It was so much fun.  We all met around 10am and spent the whole day on the boat!
We took the boat up river and docked for awhile at a little beach off the river.  There were a ton of boats!
There were 9 of us on the boat (plus 3 kids) - Yvonne & Pablo, Beth & Kevin, Caleb & Taylor and Josh.
We brought sandwiches and snacks and floats!
Me, Beth & Noah
Taylor and Josh
Pablo & Danny
Danny's "tattoo" - he's such a kid at heart haha!
We spent a few hours on the beach and then took the boat back down river. We all got in the water again and there were so many boats around. It felt like the redneck yacht club - haha, just kidding!
It was such a fun way to start the summer!


Melissa said...

Lake trips are seriously my favorite thing about summer!

Lil' Woman said...

Looks like fun! :)