Friday, July 2, 2010

antique cabinets

We decided to buy our first house around this time last year. We wanted a starter-home knowing we would upgrade in five or so years. We also decided to build our first house, which was so fun because we were able to pick out colors, tile, light fixtures, the layout of the house and all those other things. So now I'm a little embarrassed that I'm already wanting to change a few things since I was able to pick everything out from the beginning! That's just my personality - I will always find something that needs updating/changing.

This is where my kitchen cabinets come in. Here is a picture of our kitchen before we moved in. I love our kitchen, but I am not in love with our off-white cabinetry. When building the house I couldn't decide on stained or painted, and I went with painted because there were just too many stain options.

For the last few months (we've been in the house 8 months now) I've been thinking about painting our cabinets. I really want them to look more antique.

I'm thinking about a creamy faux finish, something that looks a little french country-ish...

...something like THIS! This is my ideal kitchen cabinet color and my inspiration photo. I love the cream faux finish - it looks so chic and vintage to me!

I've priced out getting this done professionally, and the bids have all been around $750-$1000 for the entire kitchen and island. I really don't want to spend that kind of money, especially since our house is brand new. Danny and I have talked and I think we are going to try to tackle this project ourselves! After reading online and asking around, I don't think we will have to sand the entire cabinets (just the edges and corners). We will have to clean them thoroughly and then stain/glaze them, put a sealer on and voila! I know that is the abbreviated version and it will not be that easy. But I love house projects and am excited to start this in a week or so! Wish us luck!

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Alison said...

You know we love a good do-it-yourself project! I know it will turn out great and can't wait to see the results!