Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of july

We had so much fun for Independence Day weekend this year! We went to our neighbors house for ribs, baked beans and fireworks on Saturday night. We love meeting all of our new neighbors! They bought $200 worth of fireworks that we shot off in their backyard...a little scary but super fun! :)
On Sunday we spent the day at Matt & Jessica's house. The boys were playing football and some bag game in the backyard and the girls were inside helping Jessica cook some delicious BBQ. The weather was beautiful (but so hot...95 degrees).

I was playing the bag game for a little bit until one of the bags hit my cup and spilled my wine all over me. Whining ensued. Good times! ;)

Sarah and I helping drinking some wine while Jess and Jill cooked.

Watching the fireworks later that night from the Lowe's parking lot in Madison.

Great fun with great friends! Oh how I love hot, southern summers!

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