Wednesday, February 2, 2011

san francisco

I went to San Francisco for work on January 26th (Wednesday) and was there until Saturday morning. It was our bi-annual brand conference and I had a great time! I didn't want to lug my camera through the airport so all the pics are from my iPhone.
 I'd never been to San Fran before and thought it was such a cool city. My sister is actually living there right now so I was able to get dinner with her one night and she gave me a little tour of the city. You can see the Golden Gate bridge behind her in this picture! We had dinner at a place called the Slanted Door - my sis managed to get us a reservation even though it was packed!
We drove through Haight Ashbury and down the famous Lombard Street. My friend Carmen from Virgina Beach was at the conference and we actually sat next to each other on the flight from Dallas to San Fran. She and I met back in March and I love her!
They kept us SUPER busy during the day with all the seminars/meetings, but the food was delicious and they kept the diet cokes coming all day - haha! Carmen and I walked around downtown when we first got there and had dinner at a cute 50s-themed place!
Everything was at the Hilton San Francisco - the hotel was super nice.
I asked for an upgrade and they actually gave me one (which I couldn't believe!). I was in a suite on the 17th floor and had a great view of downtown.
The first night we were there was the welcome reception at Ghirardelli Square. All the restaurants and bars were opened just for our group! We took a trolley through Union Square to get to the reception and we got to see some of the beautiful architecture!
The last night they had a nice dinner for us and then had the Eagles after dinner as the entertainment!
It was a good trip. I was just SO exhausted when I got back! The stretch from San Fran to Dallas is over 3 hours and that is a long time to be sitting down. It wore me out! I had so much fun with Carmen and we are definitely going to be visiting her in VA beach soon!
We didn't have time to really do any touristy things, so next time I'm there I am definitely touring Alcatraz! I heard it was awesome. :)

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