Sunday, January 9, 2011

the great ice storm

Y'all - I'm so exhausted! We volunteered at the Mississippi Blues Marathon yesterday morning and we woke up at 4:45am! We passed out water and gatorade and cheered on the runners until 9:30am. It was fun but so tiring!
I wanted to check-in and let y'all know I'm still here and we have just been super busy! I will do a full update soon. We are in the middle of an "ice storm" here in Mississippi and everyone is freaking out. We woke up to snow and everything was frozen!
I've never seen icicles on our roof before - so cool! 
The streets were literally empty today as everyone was staying inside to avoid the slick roads and bad weather. We left really quickly to run to the grocery store for food and that was it. We've been home all day taking down our Christmas decorations (finally!).

I hope everyone has a great Sunday evening and I will catch up more tomorrow! Stay warm!

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