Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i saw the sign!

So, I am completely immersing myself in redecorating our apartment. I am going to post before and after pics hopefully in the next few weeks. It is going to look so much better and I am so excited! I am still recovering from my surgery I had last Thursday. They ended up removing my appendix and said everything else looked pretty good. The procedure was called a "diagnostic laparascopy," which means they cut 3 holes in my tummy (one through my belly button). I am feeling alot better than I was this weekend - I still am having pain in my stomach and I can't really move around that much, but still alot better.

Besides our vacation to Costa Rica in December (and our cruise in August), there are 2 major things I want to accompish this year: we are either buying a house or moving out of state. I told hubby that if we have to stay here for a few years because of his job (he just got a job with Bankplus, yay!) that I definitely want to buy a house this year. If not, then I definitely want to move out of state; most preferably Charleston or New Orleans - I know, completely different.


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